Arachnid fearing, Truth seeker, Aspiring Filmmaker

Option 1: Hypnotherapy.

The subject is placed into a state of hypnosis in which the therapist can work on the subconscious replacing negative or anxious associations. 

Is this realistic? I would hardly classify myself as a skeptic, in fact I tend to believe in the more abstract; however, is it not true that not everyone can be placed into a hypnotic state? Further, it seems to me a fear affecting one’s conscious life should be dealt with while they are completely conscious and aware. But, then again, arachnophobia does attack me in my dreams which is central to my subconscious. 

If I overcome this fear I don’t intend to play games in the process. Yes I am hoping for a miracle.. naive maybe, I prefer optimistic. At this point I cannot even handle fake spiders… talking about them makes me uncomfortable. 

So is hypnotherapy worth a try? Or is there a better option?

That awkward moment when your friends don’t want you following them on tumblr. 

You are in Control

Are you in control? I have been living with severe arachnophobia and it seems I am not in control. This is where it stops.. I am taking back control of my life, regardless of what hideous tasks it means I must endure. Clearly professional help is necessary and it is time I take that step.